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main features:

  • optimized digital ICAO map Switzerland
  • two maps: complete ICAO map or map showing only airspaces and obstacles
  • profile view with terrain and airspaces (CH)
  • visualize flight in Google Earth
  • export navigation log in different formats (excel, html, xml,..)
  • simple & clear user interface (in English)
  • for Microsoft Windows

    full feature list:

    eNav Program

  • requires the .Net 4.0 Framework (Microsoft download)
  • simple and fast installation
  • intuitive user interface, designed by a VFR pilot
  • fullscreen mode
  • large map view (editing tools hideable)

Map View

  • 150 dpi resolution, optimized for screen viewing
  • high-quality swisstopo digital ICAO map, color corrected for best readability
  • full perimeter
  • ICAO Map showing airspaces and obsacles only
  • additional content from map available via menu (variation, TMA boundaries, MIL Op Hours, Airspace structure, ..)
  • different zooming levels

Flight planning

  • add waypoints by clicking the map (in sequence or single waypoints)
  • move, add or delete waypoints
  • select waypoints by clicking on the map or selecting from a list
  • edit waypoint position, name and altitude
  • display waypoint information (bearing, distance, time)
  • set alternate airport
  • save and load flight plans
  • create and save custom airplanes
  • choose units (for distance, altitude, speed and fuel quantity)


  • flight route and waypoints on map
  • 2D Profile view of flight route (Terrain CH, Airspaces FIR LSAS, option to hide temporary airspaces, set MIL on/off)
  • display flight route in 3D live in Google Earth while editing
  • save a picture of your route, including map
  • export flight route as a Google Earth kml file (to show route in 3D)

Export navigation log

  • export a complete navigation log, including fuel calculation, as html page
  • export all navigation log data as Excel sheet, or as XML file.
  • export to the universal GPX format, which allows you to upload a flight plan to a GPS.
  • true track or magnetic track (variation)
  • add additional time to departure / arrival legs.